First Flex Access Account

The First Flex Access Account is a flexible account that earns higher interest rates than a savings account combined with more withdrawal and deposit flexibility than a CD.

With the First Flex Access Account, you benefit from automatic interest rate increases and penalty-free withdrawals and deposits once anytime each 6 month period.


  • Higher interest rate than a traditional savings account
  • Penalty-free withdrawals once anytime each 6 month period1
  • Deposit previous withdrawal amounts once anytime each 6 month period2
  • More convenient than managing multiple CDs or savings accounts


  • Consumer deposits only, excluding IRAs
  • Minimum opening balance of $10,000
  • Must maintain at least a $10,000 balance to avoid penalty
  • Must maintain at least a $10,000 balance to earn interest
  • Deposits may not exceed previous withdrawal amounts

Interest Rate Structure:

  • 0 - 6 Months................0.80%
  • 7 - 12 Months..............1.05%
  • 13 - 18 Months............1.30%
  • 19 - 24 Months............1.55%
  • 25 - 30 Months............1.80%
  • 31 - 36 Months............2.05%

Call or visit your local branch for the current interest rates and to discuss if this account is a good fit for your financial needs!


*APY is based on the following interest rates paid on 6 month intervals over 36 months: 0.80%, 1.05%, 1.30%, 1.55%, 1.80%, 2.05%. Rates are accurate as of 7/9/2018 and are subject to change without notice. Minimum balance to open and obtain APY is $10,000. One withdrawal and one deposit are allowed each 6 month period without penalty if $10,000 minimum balance is maintained and deposits do not exceed any prior withdrawals. Withdrawal fee of $10 per allowable withdrawal. This account is single maturity.
1 Regulation D requires us to charge an early withdrawal penalty on a withdrawal made within the first 6 days of account opening, or within the 6 days following a partial withdrawal.
2 Deposits are not allowed within 10 days of account maturity.